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Tinkering at the Logo Summer Institute

I had a really great experience at the Logo Summer Institute this week! Thank you to the organizers and wonderful presenters. I attended the virtual week and am thankful sessions running concurrently were recorded so I can spend time in the coming weeks catching up on lessons I missed while live in others. There were…

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Examples of Digital Citizenship Resources

Digital Citizenship, Online Privacy, and Fact Checking

Digital Citizenship and Online Privacy As I teach students to code, one thing I stress is good digital citizenship and online privacy. For instance, as I teach elementary students about using Scratch, I point out that having a Scratch account* enables them to save and share their own projects, create studios, and leave comments on…

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STEM website example

Want to Start Coding? Ideas to Get You Going.

Learning to code is really a vehicle to teach computational thinking skills. It can help you learn to problem solve, understand how to work through frustration, experience collaborating and communicating with others, and practice breaking processes down into smaller, manageable steps. Important life skills! There are a number of great free places to start playing with code so you can find the language(s) you enjoy….

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The Art of Coding

Did you know there’s an art to coding? While there are non-negotiable rules like, “close all tags,” “use proper punctuation,” etc., when it comes to coding a design, there isn’t just one way! There are good, better, and best solutions. That’s the art! Let’s look at some examples….

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