I highly recommend Maren Vernon of Codified Concepts. I [initially] came to her because our [old] website had been infected with malware, and repairing it was out of my league. Maren worked closely with me to understand what was going on. She asked key questions and fully understood the limitations of our budget and IT capabilities. In the end, Maren was able to fix everything and bring us into a much more cohesive way of managing our website, emails, hosting, and domain registration. Maren is very knowledgeable, patient, smart, and professional. She also knows how to talk to people who are not technology experts and explain to them what is happening. She solved our immediate problem and helped us look at what we need to do in the future....[Then,] Maren did an excellent job integrating our traditional look into a much more updated [new] website....I am so grateful for Maren. I now have a great IT person on my team!