About Me

Maren Vernon

My name is Maren Vernon, and I am the founder of Codified Concepts, LLC. I am a former project manager who fell in love with learning to code, drawn to the blend of the technical and the creative.

I became interested in learning website development and design having enjoyed my experience designing and coding FileMaker databases. With years of motivated independent study, I bring to the table not only coding knowledge but an understanding of visual design, user experience, and best practices. I also leverage the Adobe Create Suite for photo editing and graphics creation.

Helping small businesses, solopreneurs, authors, and creatives establish a professional online presence tailored to their personality and their audience is my joy. I bring my penchant for organization and attention to detail, years of project collaboration experience, copyediting and proofreading abilities, communication skills, and my passion for clean code and user-friendly design to each project.

When I’m not developing websites for clients, you can find me teaching coding and computational thinking to others, or building GoldieBlox projects with my kids.

You can see some of my contributor posts here, or see some things I build for fun here.