Coding Education

Maren Vernon

As an instructor she did not disappoint. Maren is the consummate team player, reliable and extremely organized, and always ready to show up and get the job done. She was a fantastic communicator with students and coworkers alike, even when navigating different time zones and her outside of Skillcrush work and life responsibilities.

Most importantly, Maren excelled at translating complex ideas into digestible instructions, while being incredibly supportive and encouraging to students.

Follow along on my social media accounts and see my professional Scratch profiles (@algorithmar and @scratchlycaterton) to see some of the current coding education work I’m doing.

I love helping others discover the joy of coding, and I’m driven to help the next class of tech workers be more inclusive and representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences, so tech can benefit everyone. I was privileged to teach adult students about HTML, CSS, and WordPress during my time with the Skillcrush team. Then, when I was preparing to teach my kids to code, I found a similar community feeling, open source energy, and creative explosion in Scratch that I found in WordPress. I’ve been enjoying the latest chapter in my coding educator journey, bringing coding lessons to elementary students in my local community and kids outside of my community via virtual learning opportunities.

I’ve created lesson plans complete with handouts, slideshows to explain coding topics, and lesson videos so students can enjoy a few of my lessons via virtual learning opportunities. I’m learning new skills and finding opportunities to share what I learn with others, some of which you can find below.

Coding Videos