Coding Education

As an instructor she did not disappoint. Maren is the consummate team player, reliable and extremely organized, and always ready to show up and get the job done. She was a fantastic communicator with students and coworkers alike, even when navigating different time zones and her outside of Skillcrush work and life responsibilities.

Most importantly, Maren excelled at translating complex ideas into digestible instructions, while being incredibly supportive and encouraging to students.

I’m driven to help the next class of tech workers be more inclusive and representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences, so tech can benefit everyone.

I love helping others discover the joy of coding, which extends to my own kids. When I was preparing to teach my kids to code, I found a similar community feeling, open source energy, and creative explosion in Scratch that I found in WordPress. I’ve been enjoying my journey with Scratch and teaching my kids, and I’m excited to bring lessons to my local community and kids outside of my community, via virtual learning opportunities. So I’m constantly working on projects to help educate others.

Below are links to some of my blog posts and other places where that work is on display. Feel free to contact me if this interests you!