Portfolio Examples

Maren was wonderful to work with. She has the technical know-how, a great eye for design and is highly professional. She was prompt in answering emails and did what she promised when she promised to do it. Maren is really good at listening and explaining things at my level of understanding without talking down to me. She made easy to follow videos showing me how to enter data and make edits, and kept tweaking our website until it was just how we wanted it. When she couldn’t do something we asked for, she always explained why and offered a work-around to solve the problem. I highly recommend her and I love how our website turned out! Thank you, Maren!

NOTE: Each site has been handed off to the client to maintain. After photos of portfolio examples on this page show the site that was launched and handed off to the client and the content may not be up-to-date in these photos. Any content and design changes after launch as visible on the current site were made by the client and may not be reflective of my work.